Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LSD - Sunday, 4th april 2010

We had a good LSD run today at the BNP. There were 9 of us including Jayesh, who had come first time. We had Hemant, Shashi, Supriya, Genieve, Milan, Yogesh, Jayesh and Dr. Sharma who joined later. We started sharp at 6.15 a.m. with pre-run warm ups. Considering the heat later in the morning, we decided on an early start. However, the morning was very cool and crisp and very beautiful for running. The endless tree cover in BNP is a boon for runners. We pass by so many runners and walkers and others doing yoga and pranayama on the way. All of us reached the 6 kms mark at the top near the Kanheri Caves and took a welcome break of about 3-5 minutes.

On the way back, the sun was filtering through the tree shades though it was still comfortable. Myself and Supriya decided to explore the two diversions, where Ashok, Milan and Saurabh had meticulously done the km markings. We took both the diversions and must say, the second diversion of 1 kms was quite tough because it was up and down all the way.

By the time we entered the main road, the sun was up fully and then the challenge began. With about 1.5 kms to go, we sprinted to the finish and finished strongly in the end.

All others did 12 kms whereas myself and Supriya did 15 kms. All others have promised to go better distance next time.

So, Ashok, Milan & Saurabh, we have done full justice to your back breaking efforts the other Sunday.

We rounded off the morning workout with a bout of post-run stretches.

Thanks to everybody for coming today and welcome to Jayesh for his first run at the BNP.

Next week for a 17 kms attempt

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