Sunday, June 27, 2010

week ending 27th june

Finished the week ending 27th june with only two runs over the weekend - a 9.4 kms effort at Aarey - this time going over the hill slowly and taking it through and a 11.5 kms run in Marine Drive on sunday - this was a super effort because the humidity levels were killing and coupled with that - absence of breeze and presence of sun made it difficult to run. However, running in marine drive is an experience in itself to be savoured.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week ending 6th June 2010 - 30kms

Finished the week ending 6th June 2010 with 30 kms overall during the week. 9 kms on tuesday, behind inorbit, 5 kms same route on friday, 9 kms at aarey forest on saturday and 7 kms at BNP on sunday, overall satisfactory effort during the last days of summer. The heat and humidity continues to be unbearable. Hoping for rains during next week.