Sunday, January 30, 2011

gandhi jayanti run - 30th january 2011

never thought Gandhi Jayanti run today ie. 30th january 2011 would become so invigorating - it was because of the unusually cold  - in fact icy cold weather today at the Borivli National Forest. We were about 9 of us started off at 6.30 a.m. in cold dark conditions - hoping to do about 12-15 kms. I was in a group with Hemant, Milan, Gen and about 2 kms into the run - i took off at a brisk pace and went ahead much to the chagrin of the others left behind. There was another guy running just in front of me - he and i were like a running match - of course he was ahead all the time except when the small upslopes came, he slowed down - it was an interesting duel going on, but around 5.5 kms i slowed down because the roads were pretty bad and then came the monster hill - the last 0.5 kms stretch - here was where the fun began - i did one round and started back with qureshi - in the meanwhile atul & inder had gone down and returned back - so we came back with them all the way to the top and then again started back - this time the remaining three came up, so we came back again to the top - like that must have done 3 to 4 times the monster hill - not to be left behind anand came streaming down for his second loop - so we joined him again - for some distance - it was much fun and camaraderie going on all the time. finally we hit the mafco path and came home for a 16.5 kms distance in 2 hours - my stop watch conked off - so had to guess how much i did - pace was pretty good. bleeding nipples a gift to the father of the nation whose death anniversary it was today.

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