Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday, 2nd January 2011 - marine drive

Went off to Marine Drive today morning to do a short run following yesterday's huge run at the MRC. Did not join Milton's group starting from Bandra nor Kaushik's group starting from Khar. Priya came with me from Bangur Nagar so we pretty much travelled together in the early morning from goregaon station though she went by the ladies compartment. When we reached NRC, there was news that there was no NRC, so next best thing - run in the marine drive which was anyway my plan. Started off slowly testing my ITBC so the pace was deliberately kept very slow - weather was brilliant for running - early morning chill coupled with a cool breeze wafting across from the arabian sea - great place to run marine drive always bustling with runners especially at this time of the year - practising for the january marathon in Mumbai. Reached NCPA turned back,, talking comfortably taking in the early morning ethereal beauty of marine drive - its queens necklace still shining and resplendent in the early morning glory as if watiing for the queen to come by. Met Mike somewhere down the road and he returned with us and also commented on my slow pace. Went a little up the malabar hill did not like the place with all kinds of poops though a steep climb, the road was not good it was curving on the sides - difficult to keep balance. on the way back ran into sunder and then ran with him for some time, going up and down few times with rohit bansal, milton etc. finished 14.30 km in 2.01.07 hours. Had breakfast at stadium restaurant.

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