Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tempo run

20 minutes tempo run today in between 15 mins each of warm up and cool down - sheer blinding rain today with very strong head winds - almost toppled me backwards - sharp prickly rains were giving free acupunture treatment to my face - first time i am doing tempo run this season - therefore start with low tempo - need to progress that in the coming weeks - total 7.5 kms in 52.24 mins

Sunday, June 12, 2011

11th Bandra-NCPA group run

After yesterday's full day heavy rains - we were like exultant children out to have ice-cream; running in the rains is after all one of the greatest pleasures of mankind. The day started with myself, Bhasker and Dhanraj assembling at  Khar road station at the unearthly hour of 5.20 a.m. when the auto-rickshaw drivers standing there were sort of amused by people in their chaddies, pata nahi kya karne wale hai.  We started off sharp at 5.30 a.m. without waiting for unnikrishnan who was late by about 3 minutes – I remarked that the humidity is still a factor despite the rains and this was evident in the first km itself. We were sweating profusely even before reaching bandra. At first the pace was quite good with bhasker dropping to our pace. Just after the bandra masjid we espied Rebecca streaming past in her long strides as if out to break the world record. It was great to watch her running by. Radhika sauntering by on the opposite side of the road just after bandra causeway and then she came on to our side of the road and bingo bhasker got company for his pace. We i.e. myself and dhanraj dropped to a more comfortable pace, but it was still a good pace to maintain. First pee break at shivaji park – pace dropped slightly but going well – first water break was to be at a small hotel just after siddhivinayak, unfortunately it was not open today – damn! Now I have to drop worli sea face to take the next water break at mela restaurant. Missed the water break at mela because I thought it would be on the left side of the road, whereas it was positioned on the right side, damn again! Now I have to stop at haji ali juice centre, which we did had a watermelon juice and replenished water stocks – enough till the end. Before that the stretch from near the bus stand to haji ali was very difficult with very strong head winds slowing me down considerably. Pedder road climb was comfortably done – and just after finishing the difficult portions of pedder road, Milton came by ostensibly in a bus having seen me running got down and joined me from there. He was battling a cold so wisely did a truncated run today. We were comfortably ambling along and turned into marine drive, where I decided to take a second pee break at the public toilet opp Wilson college. Milton went ahead – I decided to run most easy pace and take in the sights of the magnificient marine drive – it was definitely high tide today morning, but the winds which I encountered at haji ali had died down here – the seas were rough but the water was just managing to keep down – there were no water sprays. Just about half a km to reach NCPA Giles comes by and we start pumping up the pace till we were like sprinting down to the end. It was great fun – more than 35 runners today – many from new Bombay – went down to the stadium restaurant near churchgate station had bhurji pav and irani chai and went home to a satisfying morning.