Sunday, October 2, 2011

3 hours feet on the street

Three House feet on the street

As part of the ramp up in mileages, I had decided to do a 3 hour run today, 2nd October 2011 along with the monthly bandra-ncpa group training run. With me I had Hemant for company for he was a absolutely steady runner, good rhthym, steady pace and unflagging and he remains all the time with you. So we were about 6 of us starting from Khar Road station on the west side and going towards the town side in South Bombay. Along the way, some runners were coming in from Bandra carter road, so in order to do more mileages, we decided to venture into Carter road and meet them and run alongside with them. Barely had we gone 50 metres into carter road, then that group started streaming in at full blast as if they were to catch a train and they were already late.

Anyway, we were going at our steady pace, myself, Hemant and Sharan. The humidity was a bit high in the early mornings but the weather was holding good. When we reached Shivaji Park, we decided to do one loop of the Park, but the moment we entered the Park loop, the wind dried down and we were caught up in a dry air. So, one loop was enough for the day.

We took our first toilet break at Worli sea face and a little after that we met Venkat who was coming from Bandra MIG club. Sharan went along with Venkat so myself and Hemant were then going steady towards Haji Ali, when we came across a huge line of devotees standing early in the morning itself to pay a visit to the famous Mahalaxmi temple. The line was long running half way past the Haji Ali, but it was very orderly and disciplined.

We decided to take a water break at Haji Ali juice centre and ordered one bottle water and one glass of mosambi juice. Unfortunately the juice took long time in coming so we must have taken about 5 minutes break there. Climbing up the pedder road, we saw Sejal Sheth going along so she joined us before the Kemps Corner flyover. There was a huge temptation to do the Cumballa hill and come down from Marine Drive side, but we were already 2.08 hours into the run, so we estimated that we should reach marine drive by 2.20 hours and then take it from there to NCPA. But we reached at about 2.17 hours so decided to go along the Malabar Hill road, but since it was a climber, and the legs were protesting, decided to turn back and head towards NCPA.

The weather was still holding good, the sun was behind the clouds, so running on the Marine Drive was not difficult. Sejal came for company for a while and said it was her first group run and thoroughly enjoyed it. Finished 3.00 hours somewhere near the air india building so decided to walk a bit before running down the last 50 metres or so to finish a good day of running in 3.04 hours.